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Entrance to the kennels (left) and the large exercise compound (right)


All dogs or family of dogs are played with on an individual basis. No dog or family of dogs will ever be mixed with other peoples dogs. 

( In accordance with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health )


The kennels interior



The brand new Kennels as from the 23/10/2003 are centrally heated day and night. The Kennels have been designed to provide the dogs with a great deal of natural light. 
Family run business dedicated to the happiness and welfare of your pets.
Dogs staying with us are exercised off the lead and played with regularly.
Exercise for each dog (or family of dogs) is given in our purpose-built large secure compound.
Interior & exterior lighting is provided.
Fleece vet bedding is provided to ensure our guests are kept warm and comfortable.
We regularly check the condition of all our guests staying with us.
We are recommended by many local vets.
Worried or nervous guests are never left to feel lonely or frightened but encouraged to be active to enjoy their stay with us.
With our onsite shop your pets needs are fully catered for.

We feed a choice of premium dry complete feeds and a variety of brand named tinned foods and mixer. 
If your pet has any special dietary requirements and you are happy to supply their food, we will be happy to maintain that diet subject to prior arrangement . 

All Guests must have up to date vaccination certificates including kennel cough.
Your pets vaccination certificate must be shown prior to acceptance into the premises.
This is in the interest of the health of all pets staying with us and is a statutory requirement of all boarding establishments.


Your pets regular vaccinations will have safeguarded against all the above except kennel cough and as most people do not understand what this is then we felt an explanation was required as to why we insist that all guests have had this prior to their stay with us.

Kennel Cough is a complicated syndrome composed of one or several infectious agents. Some of these are viral and some are bacterial and although it is rarely fatal, it is a debilitating condition causing a persistent cough of up to four weeks duration. The high temperature and associated lethargy can make dogs depressed and may cause a loss of appetite. If a dog already has a medical condition then Kennel Cough can aggravate it with serious consequences.

Kennel Cough is highly contagious and is therefore common where animals are more concentrated. The contraction of the disease is not restricted to kennel visits as the term “Kennel Cough” suggests and it can be picked up at grooming parlours, dog shows, veterinary surgeries and even every day walks in the park. Because of the airborne transmission route associated with Kennel Cough and the fact that vaccinated dogs can be symptom less carriers we are virtually powerless to control the spread of the disease.

For all these reasons we insist that our guests are vaccinated against kennel cough at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.



Opening times are:         Monday to Friday 10:30 - 12:30 & 2:00 - 4:30

Saturdays  10:30 - 1:00        Sundays & Bank Holidays we are closed


Card payments welcome



Rates are levied from Arrival Date  up to and inclusive of Departure Date and owners must settle their accounts in full before the return of any pet.


Owners collecting their pets on an earlier date than that booked, Freyaleigh Kennel's reserve the right to charge the full boarding fee.


To confirm a booking a deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking please.

The final 50% is welcomed by instalments prior to arrival date, but must be paid in full by or on the collection date.

Please also read our terms and conditions